FIU CIBER is proud to support and help sponsor the following outreach programs.


K-12 Language Conference
FIU CIBER's K-12 Language for Business Conference: Technologies and Tools for a New Language for Business is a one day seminar on Teaching Business Spanish for elementary, middle, and high school teachers. The conference is supported by a network of CIBERs, the private sector, local governmental institutions and language associations. This free conference, which includes breakfast and lunch, is open to all K-12 teachers in the United States.

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PDIB India

Annual Western Hemisphere Security Colloquium
The Western Hemisphere Security Colloquium remains the preeminent forum for identifying and addressing hemispheric security issues. WHSC facilitates interaction between academics, security specialists, diplomats, and military personnel from throughout the Western Hemisphere. WHSC provides a formal and effective venue for discussion of shared security interests, issues, concerns, and the development of cooperative strategies.

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International Health Care Services Academic Conference (UM CIBER)
This conference explores such topics as medical tourism, off-shoring of health and medical services, immigration to fill provider shortfalls, global cooperation in pandemic situations, international rationalization of services, language and culture skills for serving foreign clients, communications technologies for delivering international services, emerging opportunities with and in Cuba; and cross-cultural ethical issues in healthcare.

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Asia-Pacific Homeland Security Summit & Exposition

World events in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe demonstrate that we are fighting an elusive and ever-changing enemy. Terrorists may be small in number, but they will not stop their campaigns of death and destruction until we stop them. The Summit gathering illustrated that we can and must work together to protect our freedom and secure not just our own borders, but those of our neighbors throughout the region as well. When U.S. and Asia-Pacific senior leaders from the private and public sectors meet again this November, we will build on our achievements in developing innovative response strategies, discuss mutually beneficial opportunities and share best practices.

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