Faculty Research Awards

To view the 2012 FIU CIBER grant recipients, please click here.

Faculty Research Awards of up to $3,000 will be awarded based on research (in the early conceptual stages or in progress) involving international research questions. Preference will be given to those whose research mirrors CIBER's Congressional mandates:

  • Collaborative programs, activities, or research involving other institutions of higher education, local educational agencies, professional associations, businesses, firms or combinations to promote the development of international skills and awareness.
  • Research designed to strengthen and improve the international aspects of business and professional education and to promote integrated curricula.
  • Research designed to promote the international competitiveness of American businesses and firms, including those not currently active in international trade.
  • Interdisciplinary programs which incorporate foreign languages and international studies and training into business and other professional curricula.
  • Interdisciplinary programs which provide business and other professional training for foreign language and international studies faculty and degree candidates.
  • Programs, such as intensive language, available to members of the business community and other professionals.

In addition, Congress has authorized 2 Invitational Priorities:

  • Programs or activities focused on homeland security and US international competitiveness issues.
  • Innovative approaches to improving the teaching of foreign languages in a business or professional context, including the less commonly taught languages.

FIU CIBER has distilled these broad Congressional mandates into the following two categories, and if your research pertains to these, you should consider applying for one of the grants:

  • Improving US International Competitiveness in Today's World of Heightened Security.
  • Using Languages and Technology Wisely in International Business: Improving K-12, University and Organizational Absorption.

Although preference will be given to research on the above topics, other research proposals loosely linked to these will be considered for funding. We would like to encourage applications by faculty interested in international research, who are working jointly with colleagues abroad (particularly our dual degree partner schools).

2012 FIU CIBER Grant Recipients

We are proud to announce the 2012 FIU CIBER grant recipients and the new CIBER Research Associates:

  1. Sumit Kundu
  2. David Wernick
  3. Weidong Xia
  4. Krishnan Dandapani
  5. Ronald Lee
  6. Clark Wheatley
  7. Maida Watson
  8. Aya Chacar
  9. John Zdanowicz
  10. Deborah Vidaver-Cohen
  11. Peter Magnusson
  12. Wen Hsiu Chou


2011 FIU CIBER Grant Recipients

  1. William Newburry
  2. Nathan Hiller
  3. Sumit Kundu
  4. David Wernick
  5. Weidong Xia
  6. George Philippidis
  7. Krishnan Dandapani
  8. Ronald Lee
  9. Tiger Li
  10. Clark Wheatley
  11. Maida Watson
  12. Aya Chacar
  13. John Zdanowicz


2010 FIU CIBER Grant Recipients

  1. Augusta Vono
  2. Clark Wheatley
  3. Krishnan Dandapani
  4. Kaushik Dutta
  5. Ronald Lee
  6. Tiger Li
  7. Steven Zanakis
  8. Sumit Kundu
  9. Irma Becerra-Fernandez
  10. Xiaoquan Jiang
  11. Weidong Xia

2009 FIU CIBER Grant Recipients
  1. Cecilia Alvarez
  2. Aya Chacar
  3. Krishnan Dandapani
  4. Walfried Lassar
  5. Ronald Lee
  6. Tiger Li
  7. Paul Miniard
  8. William Newburry
  9. Maida Watson
  10. Weidong Xia
  11. John Zdanowicz

2008 FIU CIBER Grant Recipients
  1. David Wernick
  2. Aya Chacar
  3. Krishnan Dandapani
  4. Walfried Lassar
  5. Ronald Lee
  6. Karen Paul
  7. Divesh Sharma
  8. William Newburry
  9. Maida Watson
  10. Weidong Xia