Study Abroad Header CIBER is excited to announce TWO of its winter break programs Marketing's Program to Doha, Abu Dhabi & Dubai! AND Management & IB to Dubai and India! We also have a Marketing study abroad program to Spain, France & Monaco during spring break! For more information please feel free to call us 305-348-1740 or email us at

Business practices vary widely from country to country and even from region to region. Living, studying, and traveling overseas offers the chance to learn, observe, and practice the customs and habits that are important in your host country. FIU CIBER is proud to support the Study Abroad Programs offered to our College of Business Students. In doing so, we manage to make them run smoother and more efficiently for our students and Program leaders.  Study Abroad programs are offered during the holiday break, Spring break, and during the summer breaks, and usually last between 10-18 days.

These study abroad programs are demanding and rewarding, and gives the opportunity to students to take their regular semester classes and still participate in a study abroad program. We are extremely honored and please to report that College of Business students represent more than 40% of all of FIU study abroad programs per year, in which not only undergraduate students have participated, but also many students from our Professional BBA and graduate programs. Students participating in these study abroad Paris Study Abroadprograms can best comprehend cultural similarities and differences through a personal experience in another country which these programs provide.

Our study abroad programs will expose students to new ways of living, learning and interacting while equipping and preparing our students to prosper in a global world.  We at CIBER, now more than ever, recognize the importance of multiculturalism and look for ways we can contribute to global understanding.  All of our programs are led exclusively by FIU Faculty, ensuring the same high quality standards students receive on campus as they will while studying abroad.

FIU CIBER is pleased to be able to support programs that can give our students an experience for better understanding Business Globalization while helping our students discover their strengths in new ways and turning their weaknesses into challenges while having an incredible and lie changing experience.  

Student Comments:

"Unforgettable comes no where near to describing the memories, times and people that you will treasure always. These people, and the memories you will make with them will forever be etched in you mind" - Manuel Vidal Jr.

“Study Abroad not only guarantees an unforgettable experience, but the memories and new friendships formed will last a lifetime. In Spain, I saw the most beautiful places I have ever seen, had the most fun I have ever had, and learned to embrace a new culture that to this day I miss incredibly!” - Sharlene Escalera

“People there are extremely friendly; Sydney is a clean and beautiful city; and the country does many things of a community-minded nature, such as having its currency in different sizes so the vision-impaired can immediately tell which bills they have; We visited three vineyards in the Hunter Valley, which gave me the opportunity to learn about wines, and because of the detailed presentations, to learn about the management issues the vineyard managers face and how they solve them” - Anna Mixon

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