CIBER Working Paper Series

CIBER is proud to announce the "Research Series" which solicits work-in-progress, or nearing completion, to be posted on the CIBER web site, and available to the extensive Department of Education network, as well as all other CIBER Centers. If your work has an international component, and particularly if it fits the criteria listed below, please consider submitting it to us for posting on our Research series.

Working papers will be accepted for the FIU CIBER Research series on a continuous basis.

Questions about our Working Paper Series can be e-mailed to or you may call our office at (305) 348-1740.

Research Areas:

  • Collaborative programs, activities, or research involving other institutions of higher education, local educational agencies, professional associations, businesses, firms or combinations to promote the development of international skills and awareness.
  • Research designed to strengthen and improve the international aspects of business and professional education and to promote integrated curricula.
  • Research designed to promote the international competitiveness of American businesses and firms, including those not currently active in international trade.
  • Interdisciplinary programs which incorporate foreign languages and international studies and training into business and other professional curricula.
  • Interdisciplinary programs which provide business and other professional training for foreign language and international studies faculty and degree candidates.
  • Programs, such as intensive language, available to members of the business community and other professionals.
  • Programs or activities focused on homeland security and US international competitiveness issues.
  • Innovative approaches to improving the teaching of foreign languages in a business or professional context, including the less commonly taught languages.
  • Improving US International Competitiveness in Today's World of Heightened Security.
  • Using Languages and Technology Wisely in International Business: Improving K-12, University and Organizational Absorption.

Working Paper Series Archive

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Working Paper Series 2012

# Title of research paper or presentation Author(s) Type
01 Reputation and Responsbility in Scandinavian Firms: A Comparative Analysis Deborah Vidaver-Cohen, Peggy Simcic Bronn
02 Does Experience Matter in Cross Border Mergers and Acquisitions? Krishnan Dandapani, Ann Marie Hibbert,Edward R. Lawrence
03 Capitalization, Amortization, and the Value-relevance of R&D: A comparison of GAAP and IFRS Elizabeth Turner, Clark Wheatley
04 China’s Value Stream Approach to the Internationalization Process: Early Stages, Attempts to Go Global, and Returnees Localizing a “Third Way” Weidong Xia, Mary Ann Von Glinow, Yingxia Li, Yannick Thams, Jun Yang

Working Paper Series 2011

# Title of research paper or presentation Author(s) Type
01 Global Tolerance Index and Robust Multi-Method Country Rankings Stelios H. Zanakis, Maria F. Rickling
02 Is Experiential Learning Effective in Teaching International Marketing Entry in an MBA Curriculum? Tiger Li, Chiang-nan Chao
03 International Research Collaboration in Biomass Conversion to Biofuels George Philippidis
04 A Strategic Leadership Perspective on the Internationalization of Emerging Market Multinationals Yannick Thams, Keith Kelley, Sumit Kundu
05 The Aggregate Earnings-Return Relationship: A Global Perspective Xiaoquan Jiang
06 Extending Agile Principles to Larger, Dynamic Software Projects: A Theoretical Assessment Dinesh Batra, Debra VanderMeer, Kaushik Dutta
07 Earnings Management in Mexican Firms Subsequent to the Adoption of the North American Free Trade Agreement Clark M. Wheatley, A. Arturo Pacheco-Paredes
08 International Trade Mispricing: Trade-Based Money Laundering and Tax Evasion John S. Zdanowicz
09 Country Distance Perception and Resources Requirement Aya Chacar, Sokol Celo
10 Torts and Tickers: The Impact of Human Rights Lawsuits on Multinational Stock Performance David A. Wernick
11 Virtual Facework Trainer: Use of Offendable Bots for Learning Cross-Cultural (Im)Politeness Ronald M. Lee, Elizabeth Dominquez Campillo, Gregory Diaz

Working Paper Series 2010

# Title of research paper or presentation Author(s) Type
01 Chitchat: Guided Grammatical Conversation In a Foreign Language Ronald M. Lee, Gregory Diaz
02 Executive Summary Report on Key Challenges, Strategic Positioning and Transformation of Chinese Off-shoring Service Companies Weidong Xia, Mary Ann Von Glinow, Yingxia Li, Li Wang
03 Foreign Language and Culture Training: Using Chatterbots in Virtual Worlds: Computable Grammar Models (Presentation) Ronald M. Lee, Gregory Diaz
04 Is Experiential Learning Effective in Teaching International Market Entry in an MBA Curriculum? Tiger Li
05 Luso-Brazilian Culture Augusta Vono, Simone H. de Lemos
06 Simulating Anger Escalation: Process Modelling of Emotional Conflict Ronald M. Lee

Working Paper Series 2009

# Title of research paper or presentation Author(s) Type
01 Bringing Institutions Into Performance Persistence Research: Exploring the Impact of the Product, Financial and Labor Market Institutions Aya S. Chacar, William Newburry
02 Competitive Challenges for Supply Chain Management in Emerging Markets: The Case of Mexico Walfried Lassar, Jerry Haar, Raul Montalvo, Leslie Hulser
03 Holda or Hello: The Effects of Bilinguals' Language Selection and Stereotype Activation on Negotiations Satisfaction and Outcomes Cecilia M. O. Alvarez, Kimberly A. Taylor
04 Mitigating Culture Shock: E-Learning Cultural Scripts Ronald M. Lee
05 Nimble South Florida companies own weapons to fight recession Jerry Haar
06 Rainbow Project: Situated Foreign Language Conversation Learning Using Virtual Worlds Ronald M. Lee
07 Reflections on the Evolving Terrorist Threat to Luxury Hotels David Wernick
08 Summit of the Americas: Mucho Ado About Nothing Jerry Haar
09 The Impact of Market Knowledge Competence on Investor Transition in China: Implications for U.S. Businesses and Foreign Enterprises Tiger Li, Roger J. Calantone, John Tsalikis, Bruce Seaton
10 Trade Based Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing John S. Zdanowicz

Working Paper Series 2008

# Title of research paper or presentation Author(s) Type
01 Offshoring and the global distribution of work: Implications for task interdepndence theory and practice Kuldeep Kumar, Paul C van Fenema, Mary Ann von Glinow
02 South Africa: Still a Laboratory for Corporate Social Responsibility Karen Paul

Working Paper Series 2007

# Title of research paper or presentation Author(s) Type
01 Pricing of Advertisements on the Internet Subramanian Balachander, Karthik Kannan
02 The Effect of Mandatory Audit Firm Retention on Audit Quality: Evidence from the Korean Audit Market Gil S Bae, Joohwa Rho, Byung T. Ro

Working Paper Series 2005-2006

# Title of research paper or presentation Author(s) Type
01 Cross-Cultural Social Intelligence: An Assessment for Employees Working in Cross-National Contexts Ma. Evelina Ascalon, Credit Suisse, Deidra J. Schleicher, Marise Ph. Born
02 Dominant Shareholders, Corporate Boards and Corporate Value: A Cross-Country Analysis Jay Dahya, Orlin Dimitrov, John J. McConnell
03 Equity Returns at the Turn of the Month John J. McConnell, Wei Xu
04 Explaining Import Variety and Quality: The Role of the Income Distribution Yo Chul Choi, David Hummels, Chong Xiang
05 How Long Are Product Cycles ? Chong Xiang
06 How Strong is the Love of Variety Adina Ardelean

Working Paper Series 2004

# Title of research paper or presentation Author(s) Type
01 "Polycontextuality": The Next challenge for Chinese Management Research John S. Zdanowicz
02 Estimating The Magnitude Of Capital Flight Due To Abnormal Pricing In International Trade: The Russia-USA Case Maria E. de Boyrie, Simon J. Pak, John S. Zdanowicz
03 Knowledge intensive Innovations Management: Networking within and Across Boundaries Malin Brannback, Maija Renko, Alan Carsrud
04 Local Government and Industrial Promotion in Mexico: The case of the Electronics Industry Jerry Haar, Roberto Dominguez
05 Socio-Economic Determinants of Nations HIV/AIDS pandemic Stelios H. Zanakis, Cecilia Alvares, Qian Li
06 The Impact of Post-9/11 Security Measures on South Florida's International Business Community David Wernick
07 The National Institutional Context and Firm Performance Persistence Balagopal Vissa, Aya S. Chacar

Working Paper Series 2003

# Title of research paper or presentation Author(s) Type
01 Ex Ante Cost of Equity Estimates of S&P 500 Firms and Global vs. Domestic CAPM Robert S. Harris, Felicia C. Marston, Dev R. Mishra, Thomas J. O'Brien
02 Foreign Exchange and Cross-Border Valuation Thomas J. O'Brien
03 The Effect of Liberalization of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Limits on Domestic Equity Prices: Evidence from the Indian Banking Sector Chinmoy Ghosh, B.V. Phani
04 The Value Relevance and Reliability of Brand Assets Recognized by UK Firms Sanjay Kallapur, Sabrina Kwan

Working Paper Series 2002

# Title of research paper or presentation Author(s) Type
01 Explaining Home Bias in Consumption: The Role of Intermediate Input Trade Russell Hillberry, David Hummels
02 Gresham's Law versus Currency Competition Gabriele Camera, Ben Craig, Christopher J. Waller
03 International Corporate Governance Diane K. Denis, John J. McConnel
04 International Monetary Trade and the Law of One Price Gabriele Camera, Johannes Winkler
05 Participation Equality: Measurement Within Collaborative Electronic Environments-A Three Country Study Roberto W. Zmud, Roberto J. Mejias, Bruce A. Reinig, Isabel M. Martinez-Martinez
06 Participation Input and Participation Equality within Cross-Cultural Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) Environments Roberto J. Mejias,
07 The Variety and Quality of a Nation's Exports David Hummels, Peter J. Klenow
08 U.S. Trade with the World: An Estimate of 2001 Lost U.S. Federal Income Tax Revenues Due To Over-Invoiced Imports and Under-Invoiced Exports Simon J. Pak, John Zdanowicz

Working Paper Series 2001

# Title of research paper or presentation Author(s) Type
01 Can we disentangle risk aversion from Intertemporal substitution in consumption? Eduarda S. Schwartz, Water N. Torous
02 Cooperative R&D in Japan and Korea: a comparison of industrial policy Mariko Sakakibara, Dong-Sung Cho
03 East Asia and European the 1997 Asian collapse: a clinical study of a financial crisis Rajesh Chakrabarti, Richard Roll
04 Electricity prices and power derivatives. Evidence from the Nordic power exchange Julio J. Lucia, Eduardo S. Schwartz
05 Employee representation and Corporate Governance: A missing link Sanford M. Jacoby
06 Information technology and global value chains: growth, structure and evolution Uday S. Karmarkar
07 Market entry and structure under uncertain and disparate market expectations or fools rush in? Scott Carr
08 Passenger shipping cartels and their effect on Trans-Atlantic migration George Deltas ,Richard Sicotte, Peter Tomczak
09 Recent developments in industrial relations in the Philippines Christopher L. Erickson Sarosh Kuruvilla Rene E. Ofreneo
10 Relational quality-managing trust in corporate alliances Africa Arino, Jose de la Torre, Peter Smith Ring
11 The dynamics of self-employment over the life-cycle: an entry-exit decomposition analysis GiSeung Kim, George Deltas
12 The economic geography of the internet age Edward E. Leamer, Michael Storper
13 The impact of Switzerland’s money laundering law on capital flows through abnormal pricing in international trade Maria E. De. Boyrie, Simon J. Pak, John S. Zdanowicz
14 The regional policy dilemma of the European union Gregor van der Beek, Larry Neal
15 Transactions cost in the foreign exchange market Robert Z. Aiber, Shu Yan
16 What determines the profitability of foreign direct investment? A subsidiary-level analysis of Japanese multi-nationals Mariko Sakakibara, Hideki Yamawaki
17 When do research consortia work well and why? Evidence from Japanese panel data Lee G. Branstetter, Mariko Sakakibara